Saturday, May 12, 2012

Alstroemeria's Gazebo Starter by FaithofKaela

I got permission to post about any of the lots in FaithofKaela's studio. Looking around I found this little gem. Now it was created with 2 other people, and you can learn more about it here. Regardless, I have a feeling that this little gem has many hidden secrets that I am now going to expose to the public!

When you first come up to the house, you see how warm & inviting it is, even at night. The arched pergola is a beautiful entrance into this lovely lot.!

Now starting out at slightly under 16k, this is a wonderful bargain! The gazebo styled home is beautifully landscaped in the front, even a picnic area. In the side yard there is a lovely garden with walking stones and a cozy lattice bench. In the back of the house is 2 apple, and a lime tree.

Inside you find a cozy 1 bedroom home. With a palette of tan & a soft orchid, and textures of tile, and natural wood, this is a beautiful place to start out your life. I love the tile work that was done in both the kitchen and in the bathroom, and would LOVE to know how it was done!
And no, neither one of them are rugs! I check.... LOL
The other room that was rich in layered pattern detail was the bedroom. Not too much, but also not to matchy matchy, if you understand my meaning. =)  Love the plaid rug! Connects to the rest through color, and the pattern use from the bed to the curtains & the walls was great! Loved that you used different colors for each, though in the same tone & color families.
The other room, not shown, is the little study that is next to the bedroom. It has a desk that is similar to the wainscoting that is in the kitchen/dining area.  There is also a bookshelf that holds a great secret for those just starting out. Since I was starting out a sim into gardening, I thought I would play it at the same time. Imagine my shock and amazement when I open this bookshelf to find every skill book, every recipe including the ones from WA, every fish book, and more! Wow! And the creators never said a word about it. They even upgraded the appliances. For some odd reason the sprinklers didn't work correctly, but I replaced & upgraded them myself, so it all worked out. Even got bonus points for upgrading them and my computer! LOL

There is no place to put a car on the lot. I needed one for my job of ghostbusting, as it is not very professional to arrive in a taxi. It is also hard to carry equipment on a bike. So, I made a big enough basement for a driveway, then bought a truck. There are no stairs, as it is just a place to stash the car when she is home. Glad that she has the super sim magic to summon it when she needs it! LOL

So, despite a small work around, I am loving this house for my starter sim. I don't know if I will upgrade to add in nectar making, or move to a different house. However decided, I am still loving this house! All the great surprises, the garden, and wonderful architecture and design is amazing for under $16k. This will be in my library for a long time to come! If you, the readers, would like a copy for yourself, please download, and don't forget to rec it!


  1. This is a great house. The tile design was created by holding the Ctrl key plus F and it will allow you to place diagonal tiles.
    It's a simple but effective technique. :)

  2. THANK YOU, Peaches! Woot!! I was wondering how that happened. Love it, and you even more for telling me how it was done!