Sunday, May 20, 2012

Cherry Tree Farm by Aleisha18

Yes, I have reviewed another of Aleisha's builds, but that was for me. This one was for Lalagirl334, and to be honest, I love this one better than mine!! LOL 

When you first look at it, it is a quaint country horse farm. And for once looks are & are not deceiving. You can see the lovely organic feeling flowers, and landscaping all over the lot. Colorful, and cheerful! 

I love that it is a compact house, but still has charm, architectural details, and room to move & grow! I love the colors, patterns, and textures used throughout the house. There are 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, as well as the eat-in kitchen!

Not to mention the little study nook near the kitchen is one of my favorite spots!

And the back porch is adorable with room to grill, place for a dag/cat, and a little chair under the tree!

However, the jewel in this crown is the barn! The Barn, you say? Yep! It is gorgeous inside & out! Six (6) inside stalls and one outside stall, tack room, hay lofts, and a bathroom, a rider sim is all set!

And the outdoor hayloft is an genius way to store hay! Brilliant & inspired!

Also comes with a garden, orchard, and a small lake out in the pasture paddock. Not to mention a jumping ring filled with different jumps, and oxfords.

So, to look at more interior shots, and other pics of this build, please go to her thread here. I would be amazed if you are not drooling already! hehe  To just download, click here, to get yourself a great ranch! Let's just say I am keeping this one! LOL

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