Wednesday, May 2, 2012

English Surbarban by beaglelover2008

I got a chance to look at a build today that was created by beaglelover2008 of the SimAngels Request crew. She created a build called the English Surbarban. You can see pictures of this build in her thread in the Creative Corner forums. Here is a link for you: English Surbarban.

This is built on a 30x30 lot. Though technically it is in a traditional style, it does have, to me, many contemporary modern touches. The outside is beautifully manicured with wonderful landscaping, and even an area in the back for a garden if you so choose. The pool is nicely done, with room to lounge in the sun. Plus there is still room to add in play areas for children, if you wish.

Inside, it is even more than one can hope for. Beaglelover2008 shows wonderful pics in her thread, but to be honest, they don't do the rooms justice. I am loving the layers of textures and patterns that she uses throughout all the rooms. Have to say that the sunroom is the back of the house looking out on the backyard is my favorite room, though the huge kitchen comes in a close second. Rounding it off is the amazing laundry room just off the kitchen. How I wish I had something even close to that nice in my house. LOL

With 3 bedrooms, a nursery, 2 & 1/2 baths, workout room, conservatory, a sunroom, and a host of other amenities, this is a perfect house for a growing family. Please take a look at her forum for more pics or head to here to download a copy for yourself. It is well worth it!

Wonderful work beaglelover2008, and thank you so much for sharing!


  1. Thank you so much! Have you made an option for people to follow your blog? It will help amass more support and readers. :)

  2. I will be honest... I am sooo not tech savvy. If it doesn't deal with building a computer, or software like Microsoft's Office suite, I am one lost kitty. Even this is way over, past, outside of my comfort level. However, I love, love going through different houses, and seeing what builders & designers are able to create. Just would like to share if there are any interested parties in reading it. So I will definitely look into it! Thanks!

  3. Let me check my own blog... There should be a button to follow via Blogspot, but I don't see one... Give me a minute..

  4. Think I found it.... Maybe. :)