Tuesday, May 1, 2012

I have started a blog. Who da thunk? Not me. Didn't even think I could get this set up. Now, it is not perfect, but would need someone who is a bit more savvy to be able to help me. Who knows... Maybe there is a creator out there willing to help. Will see.

I love downloading houses from the various creators on the Sims 3 Exchange, and the Creative Corner on the forums. Many builders also post pictures so that people can see what it is that they did. Some post more pics than others. I have also found that some don't always post pictures of every part of the house. With my reviews, I hope to expand on the description given by the builder, and give better insight as to how the house looks, plays, and if needed, what could be better.

Please remember that this is NOT to bash the builders. They put in time & effort to share with us builds that they have created. Just got to remember that a builder sees things differently than most people do. That is why the best ones are able to put in the details that make us all drool.

However, none of this can be done without builder's permission. Since I am blogging on a separate site, it is only polite to ask if I can use their homes, photos, and such first. I will only use the cover photo of the house, but will include links to media (if available), and the download link on the Exchange.

So, now to post on the Creative Corner forum, to see if there any willing to be in on the initial reviews that I will be doing. Wish me, and in return, all of us, luck! Happy simming!

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