Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Rams Haus by WibbleLikeAJelly

I downloaded this house because it is a modern. Now let me say that most of the time, I don't like moderns. I find them cold & sterile. However, another builder posted (before I started this blog) a modern house that she had infused with warmth. It made me take a look at my thinking. Thought that she was just a good builder & it was a fluke. Now, thanks to Wibble, I find it might not be a fluke after all, or he is just that good of a designer. I will let you decide, but I decided not to lump him into the "I don't like moderns" category in my brain.

This house has a lot to offer your sims. It is a 5 bedroom, and does have 3 bathrooms. The bedrooms have a mid-century vibe, while the common areas are a mix of mid-century & contemporary modern.

I think the part I loved most was the use of color used through out the house. Now mind, it was a neutral color palette, but did have some pops of color to add some interest. However, most of the color was not in objects, but the way he used the wall, and floor colorings to add dimension and interest. I love the mix of gray/silver with the brown & tan. It worked because they were of the same tone, so they went together, and the brown & tan does warm the house up. Such understated accents in the wall & floor treatments really do bring out the rest of the items in the room. No matter what they are. LOL

(please note that I did not have the furniture that he used. I received from EA traditional & craftsman furniture to replace the items I didn't have. Still... The design still showed through!)
As you can see, kinda, in the picture above, the kitchen is even given patterned walls. They don't really detract from the modern setting, as more framed the windows looking out into the back yard. Though the interior of the house is amazing, despite what EA did to it, I have to say that the landscaping, and the build of the house itself is what really got me liking this house.

First the landscaping. Most people, even those doing tutorials, tell you that you need to match the landscaping to the style of the house. Well, this house is a perfect example of that theorem, though it does kinda break it at well. Lemme explain. The curb appeal is amazing! The outside landscaping is immaculate, colorful but still understated since it is a modern, and invokes lushness with easy care.
The use of palms, both trees and bushes, with rocks, flowers, and walkways all work harmoniously. Not to mention that he was able to put in a swing, sun lounging, a outdoor dining area, hot tub, and other amenities in a beautiful arrangement.
Love that eating area over in the corner!
Was even able to work in a tree house for the kids.
Plus I love how the gray, brown, & tan move outdoors with the use of both gray brick, and tan & brown fencing.

About the house design itself, it has a wonderful flow. Love the double nursery. The part that I love the most is the enclosed garden. It is not at all in with the modern design, but fits so well! You can't see it much from the street because of a half wall, but the rest is enclosed and gives green life to the rest of the house. I even love how he was able to put in a roof over it! Check it out.

The windows you see above are part of a walk thru from one side of the house to the other, and with the way the roof is  you can see down into that enclosed garden. Wonderful design!!

 So, despite the not quite the right vibe furniture, this modern house still has a feel of a modern, with many architectural designs that are amazing! Helped me to see that liking moderns are not a fluke, that they are not all cold & sterile. This is an amazing and beautiful house that works on many levels. I hope that you will download for yourself, or if you would like to see more, check out his house on his blog. It is well worth it!

Happy simming!


  1. Awesome review, thanks Morakai (and double thanks for plugging my blog ^____^). I'll definitely be submitting more of my houses to you in future :)

    --Wibble :)

  2. I have a sneaking suspicion on who the builder was that started to change your mind on moderns :p

    Excellent review as always!