Saturday, May 5, 2012

Settler's Sanctuary by Franklear1980

I was given the chance to take a look at franklear1980's build called Settler's Sanctuary. Reading his description, I learned very concise facts about the build. However, it doesn't really describe the details, or the work that went into building this. I am not sure what is keeping people from downloading it, except not knowing the full details from the cover picture. Though from the photos given on the thread,  you see a wonderfully laid out ranch. Wanna see for yourself? Check out this thread.

There is alot going for this ranch. The barn has six (6) stalls, and room to move around. Loving the tack and workshop area that is near the front entrance. There is so much detail, and not a problem to switch out, or have nearby different skill objects.
Have to admit I love the farrier area, at the end of the barn nearest bunkhouse. Of course, I did have a summer apprenticeship with a farrier when I was younger, so that might be something there. LOL  Still, it did come out wonderfully.

The barn area is everything that one could hope for on a "working ranch". My only dislike, is the truck in the front pasture. Would have to get rid of that stat. There is enough vehicles with 2 near the bunkhouse, and 2 more in the underground garage, which is a fabulous idea!

I wish bunkhouses in the "real life" were as nicely appointed as this one. Yes it is simple, and very cozy. However, it has much luxury in the items that are present. It provides a place for field hands, and trainers to stay that is not above the barn. Plus there is a picnic/BBQ area between the big house & the bunkhouse. I haven't seen one like it, and love the rustic charm! Most people think gazebo, but this is just a roofed site.

The house is no slouch when it comes to the details. Though the outside looks very formal, it has a rustic elegance. It is also a cozy house, but not so squishy that you get blocked trying to get from one place to another. The use of orange was extreme & VERY present. I would have rather have something that is a bit more dusty, as I am not a big fan of orange. Make the orange more of a sienna, umber, something more southwest in coloring, and the appeal might widen a bit. Also, what is up with the blue rug with the red border? The ones in the kitchen & dining area. Since it doesn't blend with the orange, brown, gold, and greens that are in the rest of the house. Just odd/jarring.

I do have to say that I love the cathedral ceiling in the living area. I liked how you put in a reading area there. The other great part is some re-arrangement you can also put other skill items there if needed. I love that despite no basement, you did take into account the need to have some expansion room.
Overall, I only had 3 things that I didn't like in this build. If I want to take the time to change them for my personal tastes, then will save a copy of it just for me. Most of it is just personal preference that many won't agree with. hehe
          1. The Orange: Dusk it down some & have a wider audience.
          2. The Rugs in the kitchen & dining area : They don't match the over all color theme of the build.
          3. The all stone house : Now, please, don't get me wrong, I do like stone. However, with the theme of the house, a RANCH, it is a bit formal. Yes, there is some siding on the roofline, but doing a mix of stone & lumber would have worked better in your theme. Also, not so pinky-orange in color. Wash it out, or darken it some, but that middle color is a little off-putting.

See... All fixable easily if you agree with me. Minor really. I understand that not everyone has the same taste. There are just so many good things about this build that I am going to change it some, and save a copy just for me, as you can't upload reproductions or recolors of this build. However, if you would like a build that is worth a download, especially if you are into horses and family for your sims, than this build is for you! Despite the minor things that make me go Hmm? this is a great ranch!

Have a great weekend!

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