Sunday, May 20, 2012

St. Clair House by RDorothyO

When I first started, I was a very lost person. I mean I had no idea what I was doing, and no organization what so ever. I was just downloading houses without noting what went with who. So I got organized. Got a list of the houses I wanted to look at, with makers, and other info.

So little did I realize, that yes, I had downloaded the St. Clair House, which was on the list. Not only that, but I chose it for my Occult/Ghostbuster Sim, unknowingly at the time, that it was the house for the Digest! Oiy! Seems I loved it so much, I am using it for my single mother who just gave birth to my first genie baby! This house has been great! However, did have to say I did add a few things....

Sorry about the bad pic, but I am still learning! <sigh>

I added a rather generous size butler's room in the basement, and a treehouse out back, but blends in perfectly!! Mine didn't come with one... That was it, besides a few other appliances that I wanted to use. However, regardless, this is a great house for your sims! I am loving the colors, textures, fabulous use of patterns, and may lovely details. It is not so cluttered that it takes forever to load though. Just enough to make it seem lived in! =) There is plenty of room, but it doesn't take sim hours to get from top floor to basement (or kitchen) either!

There is a garden in the back, room to park a car, and some children's outside toys. However, there is room for a hot tub and a swing, so neither side has to compromise! LOL

So, to see more pictures on this house, which are so much better than mine, click here to see a bunch of pictures. Worth a look! To download a copy of this house, readers, just head over to here. I am loving the house, and can't wait for the little one to grow up a bit more so can really have some fun! Check out this house, and you won't be sorry! It is a great house to have in your library!

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