Wednesday, May 2, 2012

WIP by SimpleZack

There was a post on the Creative Corners forums by SimplyZack. He was disappointed that the house he worked so hard on wasn't getting rec'd. Well, me being me, I downloaded it so I could take a better look at the house he created.

I would consider it a shell, or a Work In Progress. While the outside is beautiful, the inside is not complete at all. This will factor in for people when they go to rec'd. However stunning the landscaping, and the side yard, there are a few issues that I hope he will fix. Or at least post that it is a shell, as that will help to get more recommendations and downloads. Plus, you really need to remember that Auto-roof is so not your friend.

Inside, while I love the kitchen concept, the counters that are placed by the window look odd. Would recommend moving the kitchen into the "dining area", next to the garage. Then move the dining area to where the kitchen was, so sims can enjoy the views while eating. The half walls can still be there, just move them out a bit.

I also loved the greenhouse effect that you were going for as well, off the back of the house. However, when you download & start to play they are already wilting. Not to mention some are growing through the path that you painted in there. However still a good idea & concept, but it just needs tweeking.

So, I would recommend this house for those that like to play with designing houses, but are like me and not the greatest of builders. This would be a great house to fix up how you would like it. To see more please go to here to see in forums or go here to download.

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  1. I'm glad you were able to post this. I wondered about the interior since he didn't really show shots of it.
    And I'm glad you noted the roof. Roofing is not easy to do with the game and I noticed he still needed practice.