Thursday, May 3, 2012

Vampire Club Warehouse- A residence

ok... This is a build that sort of asked for in a request from Aleisha18 on the forums. However, I have to say that she trumped my ideas, and blew my socks off. I couldn't even look at other builds cause this one was running through my head. If you would like to take a peek, head over to here to take a look.

At first glance, and if looking at the cover shot, then all you see is a big dirty, rusty looking building with no real style. Of course not since it was to be a warehouse! This was for my vampire sim who is hell-bent on taking over the city. I needed my own little place to entertain constantly. So, on the outside it is a scary place, but once you walk inside the real story begins!

Inside, she has created a wonderful club look. Actually, it could become a club/venue on it's own. It has several bars, a performance stage, kerioke, a dance floor, a pool table, and more games than you can shake a stick at. There is even an outdoor lounge area off the second floor with circular stair going down into a mini garden with a hot tub. And yes, there are lots of commercial style bathrooms for the sims as well.

It is when you take the elevator to the basement that the real house begins. The doors open and you are transported into paradise. You come out into the garden. That's right, a garden in the basement!! Beautiful flowers & bushes flow you to the white brick building that is the house. Even looks like a house from the garden. Or you can go right on the garden path and head out to the POOL! There is a lounge area there, as well as a BBQ. All this is beautifully done, and the walls are made to look like sky so it looks like you are outside even though you are underground.

Once inside the actual house, there are all the things one needs in a house. A wonderful kitchen, a lovely dining area with room for several guests, and a living area that has a grand piano in the place of pride. The study is wonderful, and beautifully appointed for a writer sim. And there is the master bedroom suite, that is gorgeous! Have to say I have never seen the roses, or at least that large, but work so wonderfully as details above the bed. Works perfectly for my evil sim who loves having multiple boyfriends. Love it!! There is even a door that has stairs leading down into the crypt where there is room for 4 vampires to sleep.

This is a beautiful, scarey, tricky sort of a house. If you only look at the surface, it is not something most would want, unless you are an evil sim bent on the chaos of the city for years & years to come. LOL  However, even the most evil heart would unbend once the elevator doors open to the home that awaits them underground. Aleisha18 stepped out of comfort zone to build this, and I for one think she did an amazing job! The pics I added, are just a few so head over to her thread to see more!

Thank you Aleisha18, for creating this build! If you, the readers, would like to download it for your up close & personal look, click here to get your copy! Now I think it is time to go have some fun in the club!

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